A Brief Overview On VPS Hosting

If you own a business then it requires a strong and reliable web presence. So how can one obtain such a presence online? The answer lies in Canadian VPS hosting of course. A lot of people confuse VPS hosting with dedicated hosting because the two are very similar. However, one of the strong distinguishing factors between the two is the fact that VPS hosting pricing is very reasonable while dedicated hosting is a costly option because there are non-split costs pertaining to the IT staff, operational costs, power cost, networking fees, etc. With a VPS, these fees are split among all virtual servers on the hardware server.

When one chooses Canadian web hosting one can pass the benefits to the customers because one is experiencing slashed prices. Thus, when one offers so many benefits to the customers, one would be having an edge over the competitors. Canadian VPS hosting customers enjoy several advantages. For instance, they can build their own VPS and even have full control on matters pertaining to the configuration of the server. They can also opt for an operating system of their liking and host multiple websites on the server by customizing the bandwidth for each of the websites. A majority of VPS service providers also offer regular backups of emails, files and databases of their clients.